2012-05-06 Core Meeting

[21:01:05] <coruja> topics for tonight's core team meeting can be found here: http://paste.siduction.org/20120506184953
[21:01:16] <coruja> TOPIC artwork for razor and desperado
[21:01:42] <coruja> hendrikL? 
[21:02:01] <hendrikL> well
[21:02:09] <cryptosteve> ok, next
[21:02:11] <cryptosteve> (just kidding)
[21:02:40] <GoinEasy9> This one is great http://gallery.siduction.org/index.php?display=release_desperado%2Fdesperado-se7en-BW.png
[21:02:52] <agaida> packages for desperado are prepared and work. We have just to fill in the graphics
[21:02:53] <hendrikL> everything is prepared, now its ur choise
[21:02:54] <cryptosteve> GoinEasy9: yes!
[21:03:16] <coruja> i prefer this one: http://gallery.siduction.org/index.php?display=release_desperado/desperado-hhl_3.4.1.png
[21:03:40] <devil> me too
[21:03:52] <cryptosteve> I like the first one ...
[21:03:54] <GoinEasy9> hmm....great also
[21:03:55] <devil> hendrikL though has planned to make use of the otherone also
[21:03:58] <agaida> we have more than one flavour
[21:04:16] <coruja> just an idea, maybe use both of them?
[21:04:27] <devil> that's what I just said 
[21:04:39] <devil> but both in everyflavour
[21:04:41] <agaida> and change random
[21:05:00] <coruja> or one for login, one for desktop
[21:05:00] <devil> hendrikL: what did you want to use the grey one for?
[21:05:05] <devil> right
[21:05:18] <agaida> coruja: good idea
[21:05:19] <devil> 3.4.1 is clearly a wallpaper
[21:05:25] <hendrikL> for splash mbe login screen
[21:05:27] <agaida> +1
[21:05:49] <hendrikL> my wp doesent work as ksplash
[21:05:51] <coruja> seven's for login, hendrikL's for desktop
[21:05:53] <agaida> and the shots as animation
[21:05:59] <hendrikL> jepp
[21:06:06] <GoinEasy9> cool
[21:06:15] <hendrikL> but we need the svg file ^^
[21:06:21] <coruja> does anyone disagree?
[21:06:27] <devil> nope
[21:06:33] <agaida> nope
[21:06:37] <GoinEasy9> nein
[21:06:44] <hendrikL> nope
[21:06:45] <devil> hendrikL: did yiu send mail to se7en?
[21:06:52] <coruja> ok, then to razor artwork beyond wallpaper
[21:07:05] <hendrikL> devil not yet
[21:07:55] <coruja> and not to forget, thanks to seven and hendrikL for their work
[21:08:07] <devil> is the razor wp on the gallery?
[21:08:25] <coruja> http://gallery.siduction.org/?dir=razor-qt
[21:08:27] <hendrikL> well, thx in the name of the art-team, but u do great job too
[21:08:29] <hendrikL> 
[21:08:38] <devil> ozh, it is
[21:08:59] <coruja> where to use that?
[21:09:05] <devil> http://gallery.siduction.org/index.php?display=razor-qt%2Frazor-se7en.png
[21:09:21] <devil> as wallpaper for razor
[21:09:28] <hendrikL> i like it
[21:09:28] <devil> it needs some love still
[21:09:48] <coruja> hmm, not there desperado wallpaper there too?
[21:10:03] <devil> nope, razor is not within the release cycle et
[21:10:05] <agaida> but the idea is great - for the build presentation too
[21:10:17] <coruja> ok
[21:10:40] <hendrikL> razor is an experimental release, dont forget
[21:10:52] <devil> it wont be called desperado either
[21:11:14] <devil> the razor-guys just might kick out a release in the next 2 weeks, 
[21:11:29] <hendrikL>  have to ga for 10min, sorry
[21:11:42] <devil> but that still leaves it a developement-release
[21:11:54] <coruja> ok, as there's no alternative, the choice won't be too hard
[21:12:14] <devil> se7en has been off the net for days, so we do not know when he will be on again
[21:12:25] <coruja> does anyone disagree with the wallpaper suggestion?
[21:12:28] <devil> coruja: you dislike it?
[21:12:47] <devil> like i said, it needs polish
[21:12:57] <coruja> not really, i just thought we release razor also as 12.1
[21:13:10] <devil> i think it's too early
[21:13:38] <devil> it's a siduction release, but out of the circle
[21:13:54] <devil> at least i think it should
[21:13:55] <coruja> maybe better so, we could have a poll on that, if razor should become official siduction 
[21:14:23] <devil> we are using git code between 0.4.1 and 05
[21:14:29] <coruja> but that's already part of the next topic
[21:14:35] <coruja> as no one disagrees
[21:14:45] <coruja> TOPIC how is the DE's doing for release?
[21:15:04] <devil> KDE seems fine and stable at 4.7.4 
[21:15:10] <agaida> coruja: out of circle is better - if there is anyone out there who will judge desperado on the razor flavour
[21:15:26] <hendrikL> sorry need bit more time, i have to help the neighbor
[21:15:32] <coruja> i think of forking aptosid's settings-lxde
[21:15:38] <devil> hendrikL: neighbours first
[21:16:14] <coruja> hendrikL, it's ok, we have already finished the artwork topic, thanks again for input and being here 
[21:16:18] <devil> btw.: there is a 64-bit razor.iso on my server that even boots all the way (thxx agaida )
[21:16:32] <devil> coruja: we have not finished it all the way
[21:17:12] <coruja> i don't see any art in the remaining topics, but we'll see
[21:17:31] <devil> coruja: no, from the other topic
[21:17:42] <devil> coruja: release dates and such
[21:18:14] <coruja> ok, back to lxde, i will probably replace deadbeef and xine with audacious and (gnome-)mplayer
[21:18:42] <coruja> xine-ui and me-tv seem to be borked atm
[21:19:01] <devil> I took xine(-ui) out of razor as well
[21:19:24] <agaida> i would like qmmp as player for razor
[21:19:27] <coruja> devil, not playing all formats, no dvb
[21:19:34] <coruja> agaida, +1
[21:20:10] <devil> oh, while we are at it: coruja, towo`: could you please move the flashplayerthingie that I forgot the name of to distro-specific package. I don't want it in razor
[21:20:20] <devil> agaida: video?
[21:20:25] <agaida> audio
[21:20:28] <coruja> towo`, if you are available, some words on xfce for 12.1?
[21:21:00] <coruja> devil, hm?
[21:21:34] <devil> coruja: downloading and playing YT crap
[21:21:45] <coruja> minitube?
[21:21:47] <devil> yes
[21:21:54] <devil> it's in utils-x
[21:22:31] <coruja> i haven't included utils-x (because of that actually)
[21:22:50] <devil> coruja: well, I have, and i don't want minitube
[21:22:52] <coruja> we had this discussion already iirc
[21:23:25] <coruja> why nno minitube in razor, it's qt too?
[21:23:28] <coruja> -n
[21:23:36] <devil> too big
[21:23:44] <devil> too special
[21:24:06] <devil> too gstreamer
[21:24:18] <coruja> ok
[21:24:18] <devil> and it's broken
[21:24:26] <coruja> oh, ok
[21:24:41] <coruja> then we should remove it anyway (at least for 12.1)
[21:25:27] <coruja> good news, the lxde metapackages are available for sid again
[21:25:41] <agaida> 
[21:26:18] <coruja> ok, anything else on plans or ideas for the different (existing) flavours?
[21:26:25] <devil> coruja: as it seems a gstreamer prob and they are _very_ slow at fixing things, yes
[21:27:02] <devil> yes
[21:27:06] <coruja> i had a look on xnoise and whawmp, both gstreamer-based and not in debian yet
[21:27:13] <devil> can we has KDE SC 4.8.3?
[21:27:31] <agaida> wrong chan 
[21:28:02] <coruja> devil, if it works and is available, why not?
[21:28:22] <devil> agaida: the right channel is occupied by santa vs. ana
[21:28:31] <devil> 12 rounds
[21:28:45] <devil> heavyweight
[21:28:52] <agaida> i read it - booth dickheads
[21:29:13] <devil> ok, lets move on 
[21:29:23] <coruja> agaida, mind your language [21:29:24] <agaida> and remember me - never ever a woman in core
[21:29:51] <coruja> TOPIC news on razor-builds
[21:30:00] <devil> it builds and boots
[21:30:07] <devil> it needs love
[21:30:14] <devil> please test and comment
[21:30:28] <devil> i will add tickets for probs after the meeting
[21:30:44] <devil> git is up on par
[21:31:02] <devil> it does not shutdown/reboot
[21:31:16] <hendrikL> re
[21:31:55] <devil> like I said, 64-bit is on my server, ask after meeting 
[21:32:24] <coruja> devil, lxde doesn't either as i have just found out
[21:32:35] <devil> coruja: oh, nice 
[21:32:57] <coruja> we will do more research later 
[21:33:12] <devil> agaida: you did a xfce build? does it shutdown?
[21:33:43] <coruja> built 29.4.
[21:33:51] <agaida> i did a buid - but not shutdown. I killed the vm
[21:34:05] <devil> agaida: bad bad agaida 
[21:34:09] <agaida> wait a min
[21:34:43] <coruja> meanwhile we can move on to the next topic?
[21:34:48] <devil> yes. please
[21:35:01] <coruja> TOPIC is btrfs ready as an alternative in our installer?
[21:35:22] <coruja> as an alternative among others, why not?
[21:35:36] <devil> with a proper warning, yes
[21:35:53] <devil> i even think it's high time we ship it
[21:36:13] <coruja> other opiniions?
[21:36:25] <devil> but someone (zeppo, hama) would need to implement it
[21:36:30] <coruja> (and we'll wait for agaida to come back of course)
[21:36:41] <devil> well, we know, he will oppose
[21:36:48] <devil> so what's with the others?
[21:37:13] <coruja> cryptosteve, towo`?
[21:37:25] <devil> GoinEasy9: 
[21:37:34] <devil> vibora: 
[21:37:44] <GoinEasy9> It should be offered with the proper warnings
[21:38:02] <hama> sidu-installer: no problem. I can do this tonight. Please give me the warning text.
[21:38:14] <coruja> agaida, TOPIC is btrfs ready as an alternative in our installer?
[21:38:24] <devil> hama: i will write one and place it in #-dev
[21:38:45] <hama> But the backend must be changed by zeppo
[21:38:59] <agaida> i have nothing against it - as long dont have to use it
[21:39:20] <coruja> fine, so we agree there
[21:39:40] <agaida> and i will not support it in current state.
[21:40:05] <GoinEasy9> I'm still seeing problems popping up in the RedHat bugzilla and on the Fedora forums, it's still to early for me also except for an experimental install.
[21:40:16] <coruja> if the fs breaks, there's not much to do left anyway
[21:40:21] <cryptosteve> coruja: I have no clue in btrfs, sorry
[21:40:47] <coruja> cryptosteve, me either, but no reason not have an opinion 
[21:41:05] <agaida> i have build it with arch a year ago. it was f***ing slow.
[21:41:21] <cryptosteve> coruja: I can not have an opinion here ... I do not need it as long I have ext3/ext4. 
[21:41:29] <coruja> ok, next then?
[21:41:37] <cryptosteve> but yes, why not implement it and use it with a special warning
[21:41:55] <agaida> it is slow today to. and if we decide to make it available we should build it with the suse patches
[21:42:07] <devil> agaida: slowor not, we should let users decide. it's the coming fs anyways
[21:42:47] <agaida> disagree about the coming fs. es ist nur ein neues schwein, was durchs dorf getrieben wird.
[21:42:56] <coruja> ok, next then? 
[21:43:06] <devil> stop
[21:43:13] <coruja> ok
[21:43:16] <devil> will we ship it or not?
[21:43:21] <coruja> we will
[21:43:24] <devil> ok.
[21:43:56] <devil> move on [21:43:57] <coruja> at least noone spoke against
[21:44:07] <coruja> TOPIC spending money for LT
[21:44:10] <devil> i just wanted it yellow on black
[21:44:26] <coruja> devil, eeek
[21:44:31] <coruja> [21:44:35] <devil> LT will cost us ~€ 200 
[21:45:15] <agaida> agreed. 
[21:45:20] <devil> this is ~ € 50 for transport, ~ €100 for drinks (release party) and small stuff (psters etc)
[21:45:40] <coruja> and what's our donations' account balance now?
[21:45:47] <devil> i will front this and reimburse with ffis
[21:46:03] <devil> coruja: thebalance is ~ 1850
[21:46:03] <cryptosteve> coruja: ~1850
[21:46:11] <cryptosteve> sh*tf*ck 
[21:46:13] <coruja> wow
[21:46:17] <devil> but we still don't know whats on paypal
[21:46:17] <coruja> fine [21:46:26] <devil> there is a few hundred for sure
[21:46:49] <devil> and all the merch is payed for and deducted already
[21:47:09] <coruja> then there will be ivory keyboards for us soon? 
[21:47:23] <devil> i prefer an island
[21:47:38] <coruja> nice too
[21:47:38] <GoinEasy9> devil: +1
[21:47:46] <hendrikL> short interjection, just mailed to sven 
[21:47:51] <devil> ok
[21:47:58] <agaida> btw: xfce dont shutdown in my last build
[21:48:03] <devil> [21:48:06] <coruja> agaida, thx
[21:48:07] <devil> we gots a prob 
[21:48:41] <devil> could be a polkit issue
[21:48:44] <coruja> ok, all topics done, does anyone want to have something else discussed?
[21:48:48] <devil> yes
[21:49:05] <devil> release dates. i forgot that topic
[21:49:14] <devil> do we want a RC?
[21:49:18] <coruja> may 20th i thought
[21:49:34] <devil> for final, yes
[21:49:40] <devil> at least ~
[21:49:44] <agaida> we want
[21:49:48] <coruja> and a rc (if public or not) next weekend
[21:49:49] <devil> i agree
[21:50:03] <devil> rc is public per definition
[21:50:21] <coruja> just a candidate 
[21:50:35] <coruja> but why not publish it
[21:50:40] <devil> i would like it public
[21:50:54] <devil> it helps with DW for example
[21:51:03] <agaida> +1
[21:51:07] <coruja> hehe
[21:51:19] <coruja> ok, next weekend then for rc?
[21:51:43] <devil> coruja: you do not click, no hehe allowed from you 
[21:51:44] <coruja> or better mid of week afterwards?
[21:51:44] <agaida> and coruja: lxde doesnt shutdown too
[21:51:54] <coruja> agaida, i know
[21:52:18] <devil> btw. we are slowly but steadily move up in the 6-months view
[21:52:25] <devil> on 80 today
[21:52:53] <devil> hendrikL: how does this sound for you implementing the art-stuff?
[21:53:13] <devil> coruja: you left out 1 topic btw [21:53:22] <devil> i added it at 20:45
[21:53:29] <devil> bad bad coruja 
[21:53:40] <hendrikL> its ready, only waiting for the stuff from se7en
[21:53:41] <coruja> too late 
[21:54:01] <coruja> so, rc next weekend?
[21:54:01] <devil> hendrikL: ok, does that go for razor as well?
[21:54:17] <devil> hendrikL: that will be released on the 25th
[21:54:26] <hendrikL> what should i do for what did u need for it?
[21:54:36] <hendrikL> only wp?
[21:54:41] <devil> hendrikL: the pic needs love but the technical side can be done already
[21:54:53] <devil> hendrikL: the whole set
[21:55:11] <devil> but i dont know if se7en wanted to alter it for splash/login
[21:55:22] <hendrikL> ok its ready only waiting ....
[21:55:42] <devil> hendrikL: will you be around regularly?
[21:55:57] <hendrikL> normaly yes
[21:56:03] <devil> ok, then we have no prob
[21:56:14] <devil> lost TOPIC: hama on sidu-install and sidu-disk-center 
[21:56:22] <hendrikL> most in the evening
[21:56:28] <coruja> erm
[21:56:39] <devil> hama: do you plan to call sidu-disk-center from sidu-installer?
[21:56:42] <hendrikL> mostly*
[21:56:48] <hama> yes
[21:56:53] <devil> hendrikL: that's fine
[21:57:02] <hama> This is a link only
[21:57:05] <devil> hama: will that happen before next weekend?
[21:57:10] <hama> yes
[21:57:18] <devil> i supposed it was just a link
[21:57:55] <devil> btw:: has anyone tested hamaslatest version from today?
[21:58:24] <devil> i did not get to it, but i will put bluelupo to it in the morning
[21:58:43] <devil> and agaida could test that too
[21:59:48] <devil> ok, flasche leer, ich habe fertig, 
[22:00:17] <coruja> as you have already taken over this meeting, you can also finish it 
[22:00:36] <devil> erm
[22:00:41] <devil> finish.
[22:00:59] <hendrikL> thx coruja for assisting devil 
[22:01:06] <devil> thanks for participating, thxx coruja for heading it