Map of siduction

Domains and subdomains International site (English)

Subdomain Content Contact Statistics main entry point to siduction n.a. main entry point to siduction n.a. siduction development platform Piwik jenkins - continous integration n.a. siduction artwork gallery n.a. siduction git repository n.a. SMF Forum Piwik Siduction Bluewater manual Piwik news about siduction Piwik german news about siduction Piwik siduction repository browser Piwik siduction test pages Piwik -> n.a. new siduction wiki Piwik

External ressources

Subdomain Content Contact Statistics etherpad for siduction n.a. landingpage for github n.a. Siduction on github n.a.

Reorg needed

Subdomain Content Contact Statistics siduction mailing lists (s.b.) n.a. siduction mirrorstats n.a. siduction pastebin n.a.

DNS policy

  • for new subdomains: 1 request and 1 independent approval
  • for changes/deletions: 1 request and 2 independent approvals German community site (German)

For now, mirrors

This domain isn't used yet, so there is no content.

Important: The domain and its content has NOTHING to do with siduction or any of its contributors and users!

Mailing lists

Support mailing lists

None has been set up yet, as there is nothing to support yet.

Development mailing lists

Mailing list Content Archive Contact
core team mailing list
developers' team mailing list
artwork team mailing list
repository status mails
the great bluewater manual
KDE mailing list

IRC channels

Support channels

Channel Link Logs Topic Contact
#siduction irc:// Log international support channel (English)
#siduction-de irc:// Log German support and community channel (German)
#siduction-college irc:// Log the siduction school with e.g. IRC tutorials

Development channels

Channel Link Logs Topic Contact
#siduction-core irc:// Log channel of the siduction core team
#siduction-dev irc:// Log channel of the siduction developers' team
#siduction-doc irc:// Log channel of the siduction documentation and PR teams
#siduction-art irc:// Log channel of the siduction artwork team
  • All listed channels are open to the public. During core-meetings (ususaly Sun. 21:00) the channel is read-only for non-core-members.

Package Repositories

At the moment we have these repos in alphabetical order:

  • attic
    • unstable
  • base
    • unstable
    • experimental
  • experimental-snapshots
  • extra
    • unstable
    • experimental
  • fixes
    • testing
    • unstable
    • experimental
  • kdenext
    • unstable
    • siduction
    • experimental
  • user
    • unstable
    • experimental
  • xfcenext
    • unstable
    • experimental

We should clean up this mess asap.